The Choir School

The Choir School is open for people of all ages and abilities and offers musical training and fun for all at an affordable price.

What We Offer:

  • Four different youth choirs from ages 6 – 18
  • Choirs for adults of all abilities
  • Expert musical training – all tutors and accompanists are trained to the highest level offering a huge variety of music from Gospel to Pop, Renaissance madrigals to opera choruses.
  • Concerts and competitions – the opportunities to perform in concerts at different venues locally and throughout the country, and to compete in local competitions and festivals.
  • Thriving Social Scene – Familes are very welcome to come and join in the various choirs for their age group and there are family events where all are welcome.

Did you know…

Singing is good for you! There is lots of medical evidence that singing is beneficial for your health.  It helps you in your self-esteem, general happiness, and overall health from your heart and brain function to your blood circulation and even helping fighting off colds and flu.